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Mix and Match Tomato/Pepper 4-pack -- Pick up only!

Price: $12.00

Mix and match 4-packs of tomato and/or pepper seedlings are available for pick-up between May 5 and May 20.  SF Bay Area only.  Pre-Order now to reserve the varieties you want!


Available Tomato Varieties:  Sunrise Bumblebee, Blush, Maglia Rosa, Orange Caprese, Marzano Fire, Amana Orange, Black Cherry, Purple Bumblebee, Green Tiger, Lucky Tiger, Orange Jazz, Jazz, Spike, Lucinda and Pink Bumblebee.  


Available Pepper Varieties:  Aji Amarillo Grande, Baby Aji Amarillo, Mareko Fana, Aleppo, Dolce di Minervino (sweet, red frying pepper) and Golden Dolce (sweet orange frying pepper).  


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