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About us

Why the name "Artisan Seeds"?   Artisans are craftsmen skilled in a trade and using traditional methods to make products of exceptional quality.  We use traditional  breeding methods to create unique, flavorful tomatoes.

Artisan Seeds is the breeding enterprise of Baia Nicchia Farm.  Our primary focus is on breeding new tomato varieties for gardeners, farmers and greenhouse growers.  We work with a network of collaborating gardeners and farmers to create our varieties.  Please contact us for more information on our current breeding projects.  

Our primary collaborators are: Johnny's Selected Seeds and  AP Whaley Seed

For more about us please visit our facebook page.

Currently we can only fill seed orders in the United States.

Contact Us

Sales & Support - (510) 384-2716

Artisan Seeds

PO Box 428

Sunol, CA 94586


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