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4-Pack of Finishing Salts (no jars)

Price: $35.00
This item is not available online

4-Pack of Finishing Salts --  Sea Salt + produce/herbs from our farm.  Mix and Match.  3 oz salts packaged in Ziploc bags (supply your own jars)

Indicate which salts you prefer in the "Special Instructions" box when ordering.  If you are ordering salts as a gift, please indicate the address you want them sent to in the "Special Instructions" box.  

Current recipes include: 

Aji Amarillo Pepper/Golden Lemon Thyme

Green Aji Amarillo Pepper/Neapolitan Basil

Aleppo Pepper/Za'atar

Berbere Spice

Mareko Fana Pepper/Besobela



For more information on our salts and the ingredients we use, please follow us on Instagram:  @artisan.seeds


Price includes $5 for current shipping costs (priority, USPS).  

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