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Aji Amarillo Grande

Aji Amarillo GrandeAji Amarillo Grande
Aji Amarillo GrandeAji Amarillo Grande
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Aji Amarillo Grande is central to Peruvian cuisine and is Prized by chefs. It has a bright, tropical fruitiness mixed in with the medium heat of the chili. An exceptional pepper for making sauces and soups. Also great for seasoning. Removing the seeds significantly mutes the heat of the pepper, and allows for the use of more pepper for more flavor.  

North American supplies of fresh Aji Amarillo Grande are quite limited and most chefs have to make due with imported pastes or powders. - Unless they are lucky enough to have their own pepper plant growing in their private restaurant garden.

We are releasing this exceptional strain for the first time in 2015, and we will be growing it on our farm from here on forward. Seed is limited this first year, as our entire field population was grown from the seed from a single pepper given to us in 2014 by a friend in Los Angeles.  Most likely a strain of  "Aji Pacae" although not confirmed.  

Note:  Bulk Seed Available $50/1000


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