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Baby Aji Amarillo Pepper

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Baby Aji Amarillo plants are very productive.  Each individual plant produces hundreds of small 2-3" peppers in one summer season.  In the summer we sell immature (mild, soft and yellow) Baby Aji Amarillo peppers which are used largely as "frying peppers", similar to Padron frying peppers.  In the fall we also sell mature golden orange Aji Amarillo peppers that can be dried, roasted or turned into paste.  Our Baby Aji Amarillo strain is smaller than the larger Aji Amarillo that is commonly used to make pastes and sauces, but the flavor is the same (we now sell the larger strain as Aji Amarillo Grande).  


Most likely a strain of "Aji Ancho" although not confirmed.  


Most of our personal supply of Baby Aji Amarillo is roasted in the oven under low heat, and then flaked so it can be used throughout the year to season soups, stews and many other types of dishes.  

15 seeds per packet



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