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Bicolor Beefsteak Trial

Bicolor Beefsteak Trial
Bicolor Beefsteak Trial
Price: $25.95

Bicolor slicer beefsteak hybrids for 2023


30 seeds of each of our top 3 hybrids.  Image shown is of one of the parental lines used.  


Our bicolor beefsteak project is described at this link:  


Note:  The seeds for these tomatoes will be available in December or January and will be shipped out as soon as they are ready.  


Notes for growers:  Bulk seed is available (email if interested).  One line is likely to be chosen for general release, but growers who trial all 3 lines can be assured that bulk seed will be available to them of ALL 3 lines, going forward.  This is an opportunity to trial 3 similar lines and see which one works best in a given situation.  


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Free shipping on all orders!