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Bigly is a really great tomato that is certainly the best tomato ever.  If you have had problems growing tomatoes, Bigly will solve all your problems.  It is huge and we can say with certainly that it will be the best tomato you ever grow.  It is 100% made in America, and with this tomato we have fixed all of the problems with other tomatoes, many of which come from Mexico.  This tomato produces Big League and it will Make America Garden Again #MAGA

Bigly is a beautiful Orange beefsteak tomato with yellow stripes.   It is a highly productive indeterminate variety that does very well when planted in the ground and given lots of space to grow in.  Staking is recommended for the very large plants.  Bigly produces prolifically, starting at about 75 days after transplant.  

Although Bigly is the greatest variety ever for most of the country, some in California and the Northeast have suggested that it is suspiciously similar to a Russian tomato called Наш человек (translated: "Our Man") and suggestions have also been made that Bigly might actually be that Russian variety.  In the absence of any convincing tweets on the subject, more work will need to be done to determine the veracity of these claims.

One final possibility, suggested by some loser in a New Jersey basement, is that rogue elements at Artisan Seeds have simply re-named Orange Jazz, but clearly there are many scientists on both sides of this issue and if we can get enough re-tweets we can totally disprove this.

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