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Dolce di Minervino Peppers

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Our Dolce di Minervino pepper landrace contains a mix of sweet orange and red frying peppers.  Each year we select for the best red and orange peppers within this intermixing population of peppers that we have been refining since 2008.  

These sweet peppers have an amazing depth of flavor and the skin is soft and thin, which makes them an ideal frying pepper (because the skins do not have to be removed after cooking).   

We originally received seeds for a sweet red frying pepper from Giovanna Serino (a friend, and biology professor at the University of Rome). The pepper is a family heirloom that is grown near the town of Minervino -- which is in Puglia near its border with Basilicata. In 2007 this red pepper was head and shoulders above 60 other sweet peppers that we trialed. It was so much better than anything else, that we did not even consider any of the other varieties deserving of 2nd place. 

We have continued to grow the pepper on our farm, and years ago we also allowed it to cross with Golden Treasure, another sweet pepper that we love. For the last 6 years we have been selecting both red and orange forms of this Dolce di Minervino pepper, and growing them together. Although we continually select for flavor, shape and fruit characteristics (the picture shows selected peppers from this year), we have no interest in making a uniform OP line.  What we have decided on, instead, is to continue to grow this line as a landrace containing both red and golden-orange types. 

30 seeds per packet



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