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Madera F1

Madera cherry tomatoMadera cherry tomato
Madera cherry tomatoMadera cherry tomato
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Madera F1 is a unique hybrid cherry tomato with great flavor and extended shelf-life.  It is red-brown with green shoulders, and the flavor is complex and sweet. 


Ripe fruits can be stored for up to 2 weeks at room temperature, and for up to a month refrigerated at 50 degrees Farenheit.  Ripening on the plant occurs slowly, allowing for harvesting when fully ripe without the pressure to harvest every day or two.  Additional shelf life can be added if fruits are harvested 3/4 ripe (fully colored in, but light).  This is a great variety for growers who need the flexibility (and reduced loss) that comes from increased shelf-life.  


We bred Madera on our farm, and in collaboration with partners at Heirloom Farms (Ensenada, Mexico) and Madera Restaurant (Menlo Park, CA).  It is a vigorous indeterminate variety with above-average disease resistance.  


20 seeds per packet


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