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Mareko Fana Peppers: Baia Nicchia Farm land-race

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Mareko Fana plants are very productive.  In the summer and fall we sell immature (mild) Mareko Fana peppers that are used largely as"frying peppers", similar to Padron frying peppers.  In the fall we also sell mature brown and red fruits that can be used fresh in dishes, or turned into chutneys, jams and pepper flakes.  The pepper flakes of Mareko Fana also inspired the creation of a unique herb tea on our farm -- Chile Mint Tea.  The dried peppers are traditionally used to make Berbere spice.

We have been growing a land-race directly from Ethiopia, and this is what we are offering here.  The peppers are mostly brown, although some are red.  They are mostly thick-fleshed, but some are thinner.  This is a land-race, containing genetic diversity, and we are growing it as a land-race without efforts to make it true-breeding.  We like the diversity in the population, and we think you will too.

The land-race was sourced for us by our collaborator, Menkir Tamrat

30 seeds per packet 


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