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Orange Caprese Tomato

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Orange Caprese is an orange "plum" tomato.  It is excellent used sliced in caprese salads, with a sweet rich flavor.  Orange Caprese fruits have green shoulders that fade to orange during ripening.  It is a vining, indeterminate variety with wispy leaves.  It produces heavily, approximately 75 days after transplant.  

This variety does best when trellised, as it forms extensive vines.  

We developed this tomato, and we have been growing it for ourselves for the past 10 years.  It is one of the first new varieties we developed.  While we normally only release varieties with stripes, the exceptional flavor of Orange Caprese has caused us to make an exception to that rule.  Orange Caprese is great in caprese salads, but it is also a very good sauce tomato.  The delicate, sweet sauce that it produces can be used alone or blended with sauce from red tomatoes.  

While Orange Caprese plants are vigorous, they are susceptible to Early Blight and Septoria Leafspot, so a combination of drip irrigation, later planting and agressive pruning of affected leaves is recommended for heavy harvests.

30 seeds per packet 


Bulk seed available from AP Whaley Seed Company


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