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Orange Jazz

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Orange Jazz is a beautiful orange beefsteak tomato with yellow stripes.  Orange Jazz is a true-breeding (OP) variety.

It is a highly productive indeterminate variety that does very well when planted in the ground and given lots of space to grow in.  Staking is recommended for the very large plants.  Orange Jazz produces prolifically, starting at about 75 days after transplant.  

We have been developing beefsteak tomatoes for the past 10 years, and Orange Jazz is our best variety.  Its flavor is outstanding -- sweet, complex, and with hints of peach.  Fruits are not prone to catfacing, and they are more durable and slower-ripening compared to most heirloom beefsteak varieties.  While Orange Jazz plants are vigorous, they are susceptible to Early Blight and Septoria Leafspot, so a combination of drip irrigation, later planting and agressive pruning of affected leaves is recommended for heavy harvests.

30 seeds per packet.  


Bulk seed available from AP Whaley Seed Company


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