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Spike Tomato

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Spike is a small-fruited, rust colored tomato with green-to-golden stripes.  The interior of Spike is purple and green.  Spike has been available in the bay area for years (through our farm and a small number of other outlets), and now we are making it available nationally through this website.  Spike's flavor is bombastic.  It is a loud mix of sweet and tangy, and it has done very well in Bay Area taste tests.

Spike is a great tomato for home gardeners.  Softening fruits have incredible flavor, and the plants produce large numbers of small fruits, which are a little bit larger than the typical saladette tomato.  Spike grows great on patios, and the plants tend to be semi-determinate, and easier to manage compared to viny varieties.  The foliage is finely-dissected and horticulturally interesting.  

Because we bred Spike predominantly in cooler conditions, in the Bay Area, it tends to be resistant to fungal pathogens, although no formal testing on specific pathogens has been completed.  

Spike is a good variety for small farms to grow in modest amounts, but because Spike softens rather quickly with ripening, it is not recommended when storing and shipping are part of the equation.  

50 Seeds per packet





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