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Sunrise Bumblebee Cherry Tomato

Price: $4.95

Sunrise Bumblebee is a true-breeding cherry tomato we bred on our farm.  It is a yellow cherry tomato with pink marbling and yellow stripes. Sunrise Bumblebe's flavor is bright, sweet and tropical.  It is an indeterminate vine and grows well in containers and in the ground.  

Sunrise Bumblebee is a good producing vine that needs to be staked up for maximum production.  Fruit should be picked when the tomatoes are yellow.  Early in the season they typically do not show much marbling when ripe, but as the season progresses, peak ripeness better correlates with marbling.  Flavors change with different stages of ripening, and growers are encouraged to try all ripeness stages, starting with those where there are still green streaks on the shoulders of the fruit.  

Note:  We have a new hybrid we are evaluating called "2021 Hybrid Cherry #4" that is similar to Sunrise Bumblebee, but seems to have improved vigor and shelf-life.  For some growers, it may represent an "improved Sunrise Bumblebee".  With each order for Sunrise Bumblebee (until Dec 31, 2021) we will be sending out a complimentary pack of "2021 Hybrid Cherry #4".  Feel free to let us know whether you like the original Sunrise Bumblebee or the new hybrid better.  

30 seeds per packet


Bulk seed available from Johnny's Selected Seed and AP Whaley Seed Company

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